There’s absolutely a million reasons why we should read, if you’re like me

you probably spent a good portion of your life reading in the search of value, seeking the type of books or reading material that will help take your life to the next level. Most average people tend to read the news paper, almanac, horoscope and so on etc…

It took me quite a while to discover the value of finance, and personal growth books mostly because of my surroundings. I just did not know that there are people sharing principles that can be apply to anything or anyone and they work.

These are few of the books I’ve read, these books have completely revolutionize my life for the good, their impact in my life is unprecedented!

Ready? LET’S GO!!

    1. The Bible Believe it or not, this is the book that contain the treasure of treasures on life principles and finances. There’s no secret to building wealth, but if there was any you will find it in here.
    2. The Richest Man in Babylon I love this book it is a mandatory a super classic, easy to read and will definitely get you on your personal growth and well building journey.
    3. The Total Money Makeover A very simple step by step guide to being debt free, building wealth, and living like no one else so later you can live and give like no one else. This is another mandatory, I like what Dave has to share here and if you’re coach-able at the end you will be rewarded.
    4. Love Your Life Not Theirs by Rachel Cruze who shares some important money habits and has a lot of experience growing at the Ramsey’s so the stuff she shares here work.
    5. Think and Grow Rich You cannot read personal growth and personal finance books and not read This classic by Napoleon Hill, a little complex but the average millionaire has read it at least 15 times.

6. Money by Dave Ramsey, in this book he breaks down the ideology of how money works, he talks from debt cancellation, to the truth about credit cards and credit score to investments.

7. The Millionaire Next Door The surprising secret of America’s wealthy. This book can change the perspective of how you see the people around you. In this classic we learn the truth of the average millionaire lifestyle.

8. Retire Inspired by Chris Hogan Extremely mandatory like Chris says, when you hear the word retirement, you probably don’t imagine yourself scrambling to pay your bills in your golden years. But for too many Americans,that’s the fate that awaits unless they take steps now to plan for the future.

There you have it! These are some of my very favorites. Now get to reading and feel free to share your thoughts and comments remember that sharing is caring, do frequently come back to check in on me/us. I/we love to stay in touch. God bless :Green:

Author: yadiracastro

Hi, my name is Yadira Castro I'm a teacher, I teach people how to break through financial distress, create a plan to build their income, and live a life they love, on a budget they can afford.