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We provide affordable, transparent and convenient personal finance training for individuals, families, startups, and small businesses available Monday _ Saturday 8am -6pm

Our Story

In 2013 we paid off $47,000 in debt, we had a bit of everything, from cellphone bills to car note, credit cards you name it. We were normal just average not able to do much because the only thing we had for sure was too much month at the end of the money. We new something had to change and therefore we started by changing the one thing we could control our mindset, we had to rewire our way of looking and dealing with money, we started applying money principles and really just scraping pennies to get ourselves out of the hole we were in.

It did not happen overnight, we learned that the way you eat an elephant is one bite at a time, over time we started to see results and we saw that these things we learned really work, since then we committed ourselves to do our very best to stay out of debt and teach others how to do the same and that's how Red to Green Economy was born, as a vehicle to help everyday people reach their dreams.

It has been quiet a journey for us, we truly believe more people should have the opportunity to experience living life without worrying for money. Without worrying on how to get ahead,  people should have enough to pay for bills, without stressing day in and day out over how they are going to make it. We believe being financially savvy isn't a taboo and people should not choose between life and debt, no, hustling is not the answer, and no one should make debt a way of living, instead everyone should live the life they love on a budget they can afford.


Yadira Lino Castro

I'm saved by grace, I'm a teacher, daughter, a wife, a mom, a friend who enjoys serving others and loving on my family.


Anuar Castro

Is in the hospitality industry, he is an amazing man of God,  he is an amazing son, friend,  husband and father , he has a heart for people, he loves sports and he enjoys coaching kids soccer.


While You Are Here

We want to persuade you to take charge of your life, by handling your money properly, learn to tell your money where to go, and exactly what to do, you are here today because in your heart of hearts, you know there's more to life than just existing to get by and pay bills,  no one rises to low expectations,

we want to help you see the possibilities, your future doesn't have to look like your past, we want to help you find that place within yourself were nothing is impossible. And thank you for checking us out , for being here, we hope to make your journey to financial peace smothered we want you to borrow our knowledge, our experience and expertise, we are here to serve you in the best of our abilities step by step you will achieve your goals, click the green box at the bottom to download a copy of your free Ebook 45 Practical Ways to Save Money Every Day. We have tons of resources available for you keep in touch at

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