Red to Green Economy is a Faith Based Organization and therefore we believe in supporting Faith based causes. At Red to Green Economy every time you purchase any of our services or products a portion of your payment goes directly to causes that are working on;

  • Improving Health
  • Provide Access to Education
  • Increase Economic Opportunities
  • Job Readiness
  • Feeding Programs
  • Share the Gospel
  • Women Ministries
  • Children Ministries
  • Bringing Clean Water
  • Disaster Relief

Everything starts with your purchase. Once services or products are bought, a portion of your payment goes to our partners in Honduras or our CBN partners here in the U.S. They then use the resources as a contribution to their operations. Our giving is integrated into our Partners’ everyday work in community development. Our partners provide services such as feeding programs, micro finance programs, youth leadership programs, Vacation Bible School, Children Sunday School,  school support and vocational training for older teens.We are privileged for the opportunity to give not just financially, we also participate as active volunteers in any way we can.  At Red to Green Economy we’re always learning. We assess the impact of our Giving through partner feedback, site visits and commissioned field studies. Then we adapt, to make it more effective. We’re committed to Giving responsibly and sustainably, working with our partners to provide their services as needed.

Meet Our Partners

Church of God Women Ministry and Children Feeding Program in Arena, Colon and Lighthouse La Ceiba, Honduras Central America.







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