Red to Green Economy Personal Finance Worksheets Kit & E-Book

Red to Green Economy Personal Finance Worksheets Kit

Finances is 80% Behavior 20% Head Knowledge


Where do you stand as of right now with your personal finances? It is easy to wonder into debt but you can’t wonder out. When you hear the word retirement, you probably don’t imagine yourself scrambling to pay your bills in your golden years. But for too many Americans, that’s the fate that awaits unless they take steps now to plan for the future.

Whether you’re twenty-five and starting your first job or fifty-five and watching the career clock start to wind down, today is the day to get serious about your money.
At Red to Green Economy we’ve designed the personal finance printable worksheets kit to help you get started on your journey. Remember it’s easy to get into debt, but it’s not as simple to get out of it. It’s important to create a WRITTEN Financial plan that will help guide you along your journey and hold you accountable to your goals each step of the way.

These seven (7) Personal Finance Worksheets kit is printable easy to use worksheets that can be used to create your monthly budget, help you create a plan to get out of debt, create a family financial plan, help you prepare for those once- or twice a year payments, and most importantly help you take control of your finances. $5.00 Shop Here

The Red to Green Economy Personal Financial Worksheets Kit is also a perfect combination with the Red to Green Economy E-Book use these worksheets as you go through the book to guide you when  you’re budget planning for the month though this bundle our purpose is to help you reach your financial goals.


Monthly Budget Worksheet

 Debt Snowball Worksheet

Lump Sum Payment Worksheet

Major Components Worksheet

Assets Vrs. Liabilities Worksheet

Essenstials Vrs. NonEssentials Worksheet

Goals and New Expectations Worksheet

The Red to Green Economy E-Book

is a step by step guide that will walk you through your personal finance journey to success. This E-Book is not meant to change your past, it is meant to change your future. Let’s face it you’ve had enough rough days it is time for your hard work to pay off and by following the guidelines on this book you will be able to get the results you need to be able not just to pay your bills, but you can track your money and begin to tell it where to go, save for emergencies, and why not even for that vacation you been dreaming of. Shop Here

Note: THIS WORKSHEETS KIT IS AN INSTANT DOWNLOAD. (Get your kit in English or Spanish) once your payment is processed you will not receive hard copies in the form of physical mail. You will receive your Red to Green Economy Personal Finance Worksheets kit via email as soon as payment is processed. Our goal and number one priority is to help you take control of your finances.





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